Our vision is to work towards gender parity in the investing space, supported through three pillars.

Our Objectives

Networking. Headway Circuit seeks to create opportunities for women to build a social and professional network in the industry. Events include happy hours, networking drinks, and sessions with mid-senior women in investing and entrepreneurship.

Training & Education. Headway provides resources, coaching, continuing education, and workshops to help women in their investing careers. Events include knowledge exchange sessions across different sectors and different fund stages, sessions with senior women in finance and investing.

Mentorship. The Headway mentorship program will build forums for mentorship between women at different stages of their careers.

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For women already working in investing in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, apply to become a member to get access to member-only events, our member directory, and our mentorship program.​

For women in finance and consulting who are interested in learning more about investing as a career, apply to become a member here to get access to events designated for the same.

Interested in applying to become a Member? Fill out the application here!